Economy of design is even more critical when contemplating a commercial building.

Economically constructed commercial buildings which also look good are highly desirable in today’s sensitive market. Discuss your project with our experienced Director who is hands-on in all of Lomas & Associates Commercial projects.


From small farm sheds to large warehouses, the Lomas design team can design a robust structure to resist nature’s wind forces and to satisfy your specific needs for strength, serviceability and durability.

Concrete Design

The design team at Lomas & Associates has extensive experience in economic and efficient structural concrete design. Complex problems can be resolved using the latest computing techniques and inspections during construction by our design team ensures what is designed is what you get.

Structural Steel

Using the latest in computing techniques, three dimensional steel structures can be designed efficiently and accurately. Lomas & Associates have experience in designing a wide range of structures, from simple steel beams to eloquent Architectural frames and robust industrial structures.

Timber Engineering

As we work towards the use of timber as a sustainable and renewable resource, the types of product available for structural use are constantly changing. Manufactured and engineered products are becoming more economically viable, dimensionally accurate and consistent in quality which allows a more efficient design to be produced by the Engineer.


Masonry is still one of the most widely and versatile structural building materials. The range of cement and clay products available is constantly changing and becoming broader. Designs prepared in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3700, the Masonry Structures Code will ensure that the structure has the necessary strength and durability to meet your requirements.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are traditionally constructed using timber, masonry and concrete and the industry is constantly seeking more efficient methods and use of materials. Your retaining walls can be individually designed to meet your site-specific requirements and your budget constraints.